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 Looking to buy a home in New Bern North Carolina? By working with me, experienced and knowledgeable real estate professional, you can save lots of time and money, give me a call 252/617-061 or E-mail me, and let me and my experience work for you! I have been selling real estate for 12 years in New Bern NC and I do have experience and knowledge to help you find that best deal out there. New Bern NC Real Estate market is very divers and there are many factors to consider when purchasing a home, you don't have to do it alone. I am your New Bern NC Real Estate expert and I am here to help you!

    I promise to stay diligent, informed and to protect your best interest at all times!

  On this web site you can search entire MLS by yourself (Multiple Listing service). That is giving you access to all of the homes currently listed for sale in New Bern NC area. You get to search all of the listing by any company just like an agent would. CLICK here to search entire M New Bern area MLS. This is a great service if you are not sure what are you looking for r if you are just curios but if you would like me help you find that perfect home, please either E-mail me some detail or take a few moments and fill out Home Buyers Info Form . Click on here to access the Home Buyers Info form and I will be contacting you shortly.

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“Buyers average a 5% savings when represented by a buyer’s agent rather than a sales agent.”
Money Magazine

“Buyer's Agent... if you are in the market to buy, these people look out for your interests."
Chicago Tribune



Buying a Home Requires Many Difficult Decisions. Make Sure Your real estate agent is Top Local Experts. 


Your home is probably the biggest purchase your family will ever make, and it involves many decisions that go beyond simply choosing one you like. 

As top New Bern, Havelock and Oriental area real estate agent, here is how I will guide you through the entire process, from viewing homes and financing, to making sure the final contract is in your best interest: 

- You will have full access to ALL homes available on the New Bern, Havelock and Oriental market, even listings not yet on the MLS, through our professional North Carolina real estate affiliations. 

- My expert local knowledge of the New Bern, Havelock and Oriental area should be invaluable to you, not just in terms of real estate, but also schools, neighborhoods, the local economy, and more. 

- Every local real estate market absolutely has its own trends and opportunities. This can vary greatly, even one neighborhood to the next. New Bern, Havelock and Oriental is no different! It's my job to steer you into opportunities and out of traps. 

- What is the true market value of the home you are interested in? Is it priced too high? Is it a bargain that you should jump on? I help home buyers make decisions like this every day, and we'll make sure that YOU get the best value for your money. 

- Negotiating with sellers can be stressful. I will help you negotiate, so that the final contract includes your best possible terms and conditions. 

- You should know absolutely everything about the property you are buying! You and a I will view every home that you are interested in, together. And prior to closing I will make you fully aware of any and all inspections available to you. 

- Have confidence when signing documents. Contracts are full of complicated terms and clauses that can greatly affect your future life in your new home. I will give you the full benefit of our real estate knowledge and experience and I will make sure that you fully understand every form that comes in form of you.

Let me represent your best interests in your search for a new home in the New Bern, Havelock and Oriental area. While you can see a million homes on the web, actually buying your home is another matter entirely. Buyers beware! 


Ask me any question about buying a home in New Bern, Havelock and Oriental. It's my job to help you! There's no obligation, and I promise to respond quickly... 




 PRIME Realty NC LLC  is your Real Estate agency in New Bern North Carolina

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