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Don't Go Shopping for a New Home Before You Know Exactly How Much You Can Spend!

  In today's market more then ever before it is crucial for you as potential buyer to get pre approved. Pre approval process doesn't not mean any commitment on your part. You are not committing to get a loan! You are not committing to buy a house! You are not committing to use the financial institution that got you pre approved if you decide to purchase a home!

  Per approval process will however answer many of your questions like, your monthly payment, cash needed to close, documentation need, etc. All of that will help you determine if you are ready to purchase and if you are what price range will you be comfortable with. Most important part about pre approval is that it gets you in a best possible negotiation position once you fins a home you love. Today sellers are very frustrated and we have seen over the yeas lots off offers from buyers that could not get the loans, unfortunately. So for you to be able to show to the seller at the first initial point, when you are making an offer, that you have secured financing will most certainly put you in a very favorable position to negotiate the best possible deal. 


You might have an idea of the loan payment and mortgage you can afford. But will the bank feel otherwise? It's always best to pre-qualify for a mortgage so you know exactly how much a financial institution would be willing to lend you. 

In the pre-qualification process, you will find out: 

- Exactly how much home or land you can afford. 

- How much cash you will need for the down payment. 

- The minimum down payment, and advantages of higher down payments. 

- What the bank feels you can afford for a monthly payment. 



I can help you pre-qualify for your mortgage. It's part of my job! This is free and without obligation... 


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   Here are few on New Bern's best mortgage brokers. I have had honor of working with each one of them over the years and I do recommend each one as a hard working and dedicated professional. Don't hesitate to contact any one of them and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you started ~ Sonja Babic Your North Carolina BROKER 252-617-0861



 Chris (Rocci) Schneider

Mortgage Loan Officer  First Citizens Bank




Delivering what I promise is my commitment to customers. Over the last 20 years, I have helped thousands of borrowers realize their dream of home ownership

Rob Peterson

Senior Mortgage Advisor

NMLS 72785

Direct: (910) 340-3700




                                                    Lola Thomas

                         Mortgage Banker at Alpha Mortgage



                        CLICK HERE TO EMAIL LOLA


As a member of the local REALTOR® association, I have been doing mortgage loans for prospective buyers in Craven, Carteret, Jones and Pamlico counties for the past nineteen years. My expertise is in VA, FHA, USDA, and Conventional loans, and I have received an award from the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency for originating the most loans for the Craven County area in their first-time homebuyer program.

   Now days pre approval process is made so much easier for you as a consumer ad you can get it all done over the phone. Make sure to have documents listed below handy before you make that call. It typically takes less the 30 min to complete the process.

Initial Documents Needed:

1) 2 months most recent liquid asset statements (i.e: checking, saving, 401k, IRA, 403b, etc.)

2) 30 days worth of your most recent pay-stubs from current employer(s)

3) Last 2 year's of W-2's (2006 & 2007)

4) 2 years Federal Tax Returns (if self-employed)

5) Court decrees if you owe child support, alimony, or separate maintenance

6) Veteran Administration Loans: VA DD-214 and/or your Certificate of Eligibility

7) Purchase Agreement (If you've already placed an offer on a home)  

   I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you get pre approved so we can get busy and find that perfect home for you and your family!


                     Sonja Babic with PRIME Realty NC is here to help you buy that perfect home!    






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