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A Brief History Of New Bern


The site which eventually became to home of New Bern was first appreciated by various Native American tribes, primarily the Tuscarora, who used the site for hunting camps. The Indians called this area Chattawka, a word translated as ďwhere the fish are taken out.Ē New Bern was founded by Baron Christopher von Graffenried in 1710. Von Graffenried named the settlement after his hometown of Bern, the Swiss capital. (Bern itself was named by a group of hunters who named it for the bear, the first animal they encountered on their expedition. The bear is also a symbol well-represented throughout Old and New Bern, (on city vehicles, uniforms and flags.) Diseases, a lack of provisions and supplies, and the climate, combined with the outbreak of a war with the Tuscorora during New Bernís early years, all caused problems for the Swiss and German Palatine colonists. Among its victims was surveyor and naturalist John Lawson, who was burned at the stake after he and Von Graffenried were captured by Indians. Von Graffenried later escaped and returned to Switzerland. By 1720, the threat of Indian attacks was largely subdued, and New Bern began to grow. The area was originally part of the Carolina Charter granted by English King Charles II to eight of his loyal supporters after the Kingís restoration to the throne in 1660. The eight became the Lordís Proprietor of a vast expanse of land called Carolina which stretched from Virginia to the border of Florida, then in Spanish hands, and the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. This area was dubbed Carolina in honor of the king, Carolina being a derivative of the Latin word for Charles, Carolus. In 1869, Carolina was divided by the Lordís Proprietor into two separate provinces- North Carolina and South Carolina. The Lordís Proprietor were among the groups that helped finance von Graffenriedís colonization efforts. Craven County, then called Craven Precinct, was itself named for William, Earl of Craven, who was one of the original Lordís Proprietor, and New Bern became itís seat in

 1722. Over the years leading up to the American Revolution, New Bern grew into one of North Carolinaís largest towns and prospered as a trade and port center, with natural resources such as turpentine, tar and pitch being exported to New England, the West Indies and England. This trade allowed the import of sugar, molasses, rum and other manufactured goods. Royal Governor William Tryon decided that New Bernís central location along the coast made it ideal as a site for the stateís permanent capital. He then authorized the construction of the Tryon Palace, completed in 1770, and New Bern became the stateís political center- and the center of many events leading to the American Revolution, including the calling of the first publicly organized assembly in 1774. This assembly was opposed by Royal Governor Josiah Martin, who succeeded Tryon after the latterís acceptance of a similar post in New York. Martin himself had to flee for safety the following year. New Bern sheltered many privateers during the war. In 1792 North Carolina lawmakers relocated the capital to Raleigh, but New Bern continued to grow and prosper due to its importance as a port city. After the start of the Civil War, Northern military leaders made New Bernís capture a strategic goal because of its location. Occupation, which took place in March 1862, early in the war, led to the preservation of many homes and buildings, which were used as headquarters, hospitals and other necessary offices by the Northern troops. After the war and Reconstruction, New Bern slowly began to prosper as a lumber town. Another boost to the local economy that continues to have a huge impact today was the founding in 1941 of the Marine Corps Air Station at Cherry Point, now largest such station in the world. Although New Bern is very much a modern city it continues to grow, its charm remains historic. Travel back over in time by exploring Tryon Palace Historic Sites and Gardens and other locations throughout the city.







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